Alimao Footwear Inc.

Alimao Inc. is a private label shoe manufacturer established in 1998, with more than 400 employees. Alimao‘s subsidiaries includes Zhongxi footwear Import and export company, Oufeichi fashion Hongkong, Guangzhou Huayu footwear factory, Youli footwear development center. We have manufacturers in both Wenzhou and Guangzhou for multiple purposes. We export more than 4,000,000 pairs of high-quality shoes each year to our customers around the world. Oufeichi International Hong Kong is a foreign trade company, which is Alimao Footwear's sub-company. As one of the largest shoe exporters in China, our main business includes Footwear OEM, ODM Service, Footwear Manufacturing and Import and Export Trade.
Throughout the years, we have formed solid relationships with hundreds of client companies across five continents and established our reputation across the globe. More importantly, we strive to produce shoes of the best quality for our clients. Currently, we have established and corporate productions lines in regions including Guangdong, Wenzhou, Fujian, Chongqing, and set up quality control centers in these regions. We have set high standards for our quality control team and sales team to communicate the needs of our clients, and ensure to consistently provide the best quality of our products. Customer trust makes us, and we make our customers.Alimao follows the philosophy of CEO Mr.Huang. We insist that win-win cooperation is the most solid and lasting relationship between enterprises.

Private Label Shoe Factory China

We do all kinds of customized shoes & private label shoes from children's shoes to Luxury leather shoes, our factories can make every type of shoe for customers. Our main and most professional products are private label shoes, customized shoes, luxury leather shoes, children's shoes, Oxford & Derby shoes, women's boots, lace-up boots, loafers, a single shoe, men and women's casual shoes, sandals, boat shoe, clogs, and sneakers. We call ourselves the best shoe factory because we offer the most flexible production solutions to our customers around the world.
The company has clients in Europe, South America, North America, Oceania, and Asia, and has multiple commerce departments to connect with visitors from all over the world, and has professional design and development personnel for each market to develop products suitable for different markets, and strive to meet customer needs. After more than 20 years of accumulation, we have basically mastered the operating laws and fashion development trends of the global market, and our products can meet the need of every clients by providing best solution for starting a shoe line.

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