Our success is to help customers to succeed

Through the 20 years, Alimao footwear have formed solid relationships with hundreds of client companies across five continents and established our reputation across the globe. More importantly, we strive to produce shoes of the best quality for our clients. Currently, we have established and corporate productions lines in regions including Guangdong, Wenzhou, Fujian, Chongqing, and set up quality control centers in these regions. We have set high standards for our quality control team and sales team to communicate the needs of our clients, and ensure to consistently provide the best quality of our products. Only by doing things to an extremely high level, we are confident to call ourselves one of the best shoe factories in the industry.
We value all the customers just like they value us, and we always put customer service as our priority. And we love to provide customized shoe & private label shoe solutions to customers who are either new to the industry or have years of experience in the industry. We have a specific fast responsive development team that helps our new customers to grow faster. Alimao, the best shoe factory is also a member of FDRA.