Frequently Asked Questions

Product development & Sampling process
1How do I start my private label shoe process?
You can submit your designs, materials, quantity, sketches, or image references to us via the Contact Us form. Also, you can email us at We generally respond within 12 hours.
2What is shoe sample making process?
This is the next step you will need to do when making your private label shoe. After getting your shoe information and requirement, we can start making the first sample for you to check if we meet your requirment.
3How long does the sampling process take?
Depending on your specific requirements, like sole, outsole, and materials, whether leather or not. Usually the process take 1-2 weeks for us to make your own shoe alive.
4How long does it take to ship the sample to me? And how much does it cost?
Usually, the shipping process takes about 3-5 days from China to any country. The shipping for shoes usually cost 20-50 dollars depending on the locations.
5How much does sampling cost?
Depending on the many aspects. Usually, we charge 2.5 - 3 times as the production price for the sampling. For example, if the supply price is 20 dollars, we charges 40 dollars for sample. We are always happy to help our customers grow and many times we provide free sampling service!
6Free shoe sampling service?
We are always happy to help our customers grow and many times we provide free sampling service!
7What is our minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
Usually, we take 120 pair of leather shoes as our MOQ, and 300 pair in other material like PU and Canva sas MOQ. But we are very flexible with this quantity requirement. For high end shoes, for example good-year welted shoes (which usually sold at 500 dollars market price and 40-50 dollars for our supply price), we are able to take as small order as 10 pairs.
The company
1How long have you been the shoe industry?
Alimao footwear China has been in the footwear manufacturing industry for more than 24 years, since 1998. Over the year, we developed solid relationship with customers around the world, which help us stay in healthy business condition.
2Where are your factories located?
We have manufacturers in Wenzhou, the city of footwear in China, and Guangzhou, China. We also have office in New York, to get closer to our customer. We also corporate with more than 60 shoe manufacturers in China to provide wide range of products for our customers.
3What type of footwear can you manufacturer?
We provide a wide range of footwear to our customers, thanks to our Decentralized production strategy. Right now, we can make leather shoes, PU shoes, Synthetic leather shoes, Dress shoes, Casual shoes, Canvas shoes, kids shoes, men shoes, women shoes, boots, driver shoes, etc. We are able to manufacturer any type of footwear.

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